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Chezgomi Sleeping Pad - Double Sided

Chezgomi Sleeping Pad - Double Sided

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Chezgomi Embroidery Double-Sided Sleeping Pad (1pcs)

Introducing a Doublesided Sleeping / Nap pad made of thick and non-irritating fabric !  
The front side is made of triple gauze cotton fabric and the back side is quilted with 60 counts of cotton, so it can be used without deformation even in low washing conditions.

Add 10oz cotton to the fabric to make it thicker. With a thickness of 4cm, children can use it comfortably

* Additional shipping charge will apply on this product due to the size

Size: 85 x 120 cm


[쉐베베] 쉐고미 양면 자수 낮잠패드

도톰한 두께와 피부 자극 없는 원단으로 만들어진 낮잠패드를 소개합니다. 앞면은 3중 거즈 면 원단, 뒷면은 60수 면 누빔으로 낮은 세탁에도 변형 없이 사용 가능합니다 

원단에 10oz 솜을 추가하여 더욱 도톰합니다. 4cm의 두께로 아이들이 편안하게 사용할 수 있습니다

사이즈 : 85 x 120 cm


Front : Triple Gauze (Cotton 100%)
Back : 60 counts quailted (Cotton 100%)
Filling : Polyester 100%
Size : 85 x 120 cm (± 5%) (holding string : 33cm)

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