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Nemo Stout Cup: Safe and Versatile Drinkware for Kids

Nemo Stout Cup: Safe and Versatile Drinkware for Kids

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Introducing the Nemo Stout Cup - Perfect for Every Stage of Growth

Crafted from Child-Safe Materials

Our Nemo Cup is made using SK Chemical's BPA-free Ecozen, a safe and sturdy material perfect for young children. This 100% Korean-made material ensures the highest safety for your little one's drinkware.

Durable and Convenient for Daily Use

The cup is designed for high durability and heat resistance, making it dishwasher-safe and suitable for sterilization in boiling water. Its resistance to color staining and breakage makes it a reliable choice for everyday use.

Adaptable for Every Developmental Stage

This cup supports your child's development, transitioning from a spout cup, to a straw cup, and finally to a regular cup, encouraging independence at each stage.


*Eco-Friendly Children’s Cups, Safe Drinking Cup, BPA-Free Kid’s Cup


  • 119 (w) x 90 (d) x 97 (h) mm, 320ml
  • Material: BPA-free Ecozen
  • High durability and elasticity, resistant to breaking
  • Ecogen products have a unique spread mark at the pouring point.
  • Limit microwave use to under 3 minutes to prevent deformation.
  • Avoid cling wrap; it may melt onto plates.
  • Dishwasher's hot dry air is unsafe for use.
  • UV sterilization is not safe.
  • Briefly blanch in boiling water instead of soaking.
  • Refrain from microwaving dry foods.
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