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Antibacterial Board Marker

Antibacterial Board Marker

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Antibacterial Board Marker (10pcs & 20pcs) 

Board markers made for your children !

It writes well and erases well on the Momsboard 
Let your child express their feelings on the board! 

* Must see the Precaution Tab before making a purchase


맘스보드 폼폼 향균 보드 마카 (10pcs & 20 pcs)

한국 유일의 유아전용 보드 마카! 
맘스보드만의 이쁜 컬러링 20색!
잘 써지고 잘 지워지는 폼폼마카 20색으로 
마음것 표현해 보세요~

세균, 바이러스의 서식을 억제하는 향균처리가 되있습니다!

* Precaution 탭을 꼭 확인 후 구입해주세요 


1. Use under adult supervision
2. Do not swallow or put it in your mouth
3. Do not place near flame
4. Do not disinfect with chemicals
5. Avoid pointy objects
6. If it becomes faulty, parents should ensure that their children do not swallow any of the pieces
7. Avoid placing near credit cards or household appliances because they contain magnets
9. Suitable for 36 months Years Old & Above. Children below 8 will require Adult Supervision 

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