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Edge Soft Bamboo Towel - 3pc | Bamboo-Bebe

Edge Soft Bamboo Towel - 3pc | Bamboo-Bebe

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One towel can do everything

Edge Soft Bamboo Towel is made of 100% bamboo fiber on the front and back, so it is soft to the touch and absorbs moisture quickly.

Use it to wrap the baby after the bath, or use it as a blanket, beach towel, and etc.

Safe for your baby

Bamboo Village bath towels have passed the non-fluorescent test and FITI toxic substance test. (Arylamine, Formaldehyde, pH, NP, NPEO) , so it is safe for your baby



Material : Bamboo (Rayon) 100% (Ground: Cotton 100%)
Size : 80 x 40 cm (± 5%)  
Weight : 160g (± 5%)  

Made in Korea

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