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Embroidery stroller cover - Chezgomi

Embroidery stroller cover - Chezgomi

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자수 유모차 가리개 - 쉐고미

모든 유모차와 호환 가능하고 망사 타입으로 제작되어 아기의 시야 확보에 문제가 없어요! 햋빛과 벌래로부터 아기를 보호해주세요~


Embroidery stroller cover - Chezgomi

Compatible with all strollers and made of a mesh type, there is no problem in securing your baby's vision! Protect your baby from the light and bedbugs!


You can find it in the photo

Note: You may see a bigger spot on the item but it is not a defect and it is a due to the nature of an embroidery process. 


Do not machine wash. Handwash and hang dry 

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