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Momsboard Reve House (M) - The Ultimate Magnetic Play and Learn Board

Momsboard Reve House (M) - The Ultimate Magnetic Play and Learn Board

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Unleash Creativity with Momsboard Reve House

NEW COLOR has arrived! 
Introducing the best-selling magnetic board from Korea, now available in Canada - the Momsboard Reve House (M). This board is a blend of modern design and high-quality wooden styling, creating a perfect play space for children to unleash their creativity

Versatile and Educational Play Experience

The Momsboard Reve House serves as a dual-purpose platform, allowing children to play and learn simultaneously. It's an excellent way to keep children engaged and learning at home, especially during times when outdoor activities are limited.

Premium Quality for Safety and Durability

Crafted with the highest quality materials, including POSCO steel and MDF, and finished with antibacterial paint, this magnetic board is safe and durable for everyday use. 


By purchasing this product, you agree and acknowledge the following conditions:

- Always use this product with adult supervision
- Ensure the board is firmly attached to the wall prior to use
- Due to the nature of wooden products, there may be minor scratches or slight gaps.
- Must use it under adult supervision, and do not use for purpose other than those specified.
- Please comply with the recommended age for use

  • Board Size: M (85 W x 116 cm H)
  • Weight: L 6.5 kg
  • Material: Steel (POSCO), MDF
  • Frame Color: Nature Wood
  • Board Colors Available: Milky White
  • Dimensions of L size box: 120 x 90 x 4.5 cm


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