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Moyuum Suction Plate and Tray - 2pc (Plate & Cover) | Moyuum

Moyuum Suction Plate and Tray - 2pc (Plate & Cover) | Moyuum

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Best selling baby suction plate in South Korea

The suction part is wide with a proper weight, which allows excellent suction ability and stability. It is designed in a convenient size and generous capacity which is suitable to be used by kids.

모윰 식판이 새로운 색상으로 나왔어요!! 
실리콘 식판 1인자 모윰 식판을 더 이쁜 색상으로 만나보세요! 


Multi-function tray cover

The cover can also be used as food tray or snack tray. Made of safe and highly resilient platinum silicone material that can be disinfected in hot water and microwave.



Material : 100% platinum Silicon
Size : W 22.5 x D 17.4 x H 3.5 cm 
Weight : 541 g (Excluding cover)
Resistance Temperature : -50℃ ~ 250℃
Country/Region of origin : South Korea



- Always use this product with adult supervision
- Be extra careful when using sharp tableware tools
- Spots or micro-scratches may occur during the molding process, and this is not a defective product.
- For silicone plate, open the cover slightly when using the microwave.
- Avoid direct sunlight or fire.
- Take extra care when microwave heating. Always stir heated food to ensure even heat distribution and test the temperature before serving.
- Always check food temperature before feeding.



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