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Nemo 3-Parts Tray: Safe and Convenient Meal Solution for Kids

Nemo 3-Parts Tray: Safe and Convenient Meal Solution for Kids

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Enhance Mealtime with the Nemo 3-Parts Tray

Non-Slip, Child-Friendly Design

The Nemo 3-Parts Tray features anti-slip silicone on the bottom, ensuring stable and secure use for children during meals.

Stackable and Space-Saving

Designed for practicality, the tray's stackable design allows for easy storage. The Nemo series is compatible with other items, enabling versatile plating options and is suitable for a range of ages, from toddlers to primary school children.

Made with Safe, Durable Materials

Crafted from Ecozen by SK Chemical, this BPA-free, 100% Korean-made material is highly durable, heat-resistant, and dishwasher safe, making it ideal for children's use.


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  • 223 (w) x 223 (d) x 22 (h) mm
  • Material: BPA-free Ecozen
  • High durability and elasticity, resistant to breaking
  • Features: Anti-slip, stackable, versatile use
  • Suitable for various age groups
  • Ecogen products have a unique spread mark at the pouring point.
  • Limit microwave use to under 3 minutes to prevent deformation.
  • Avoid cling wrap; it may melt onto plates.
  • Dishwasher's hot dry air is unsafe for use.
  • UV sterilization is not safe.
  • Briefly blanch in boiling water instead of soaking.
  • Refrain from microwaving dry foods.
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