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6 layer gauze blanket (Chezbit)

6 layer gauze blanket (Chezbit)

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Chezgomi - 6 layer gauze blanket (1pc) - Chezbit (Rabbit)

It's lightweight with 6 layers of gauze without being too thin.
It has good ventilation and heat retention, and its soft touch makes it safe even for sensitive babies.

In winter, it is thick enough to cover it comfortably in a warm room at 24 to 25 degrees Celsius.
It is good for light outdoor use in spring and autumn weather.
In summer, even if the air conditioner is fully turned on, there is no need to worry as long as there is only one 6-layer gauze blanket.

Size : 85 x 135 cm (± 5%)


[쉐베베] 쉐고미 6중 자수 거즈 블랭킷 (1pc) - 쉐빗 - 토끼


4계절 내내 사용하기 좋은 블랭킷입니다! 

6중직 거즈면 사이 공기층이 형성 되어 통기성, 흡수성이 탁월하면서도 따뜻한 온기를 머금고 있어 체온 유지에도 탁월합니다. 

3중직 거즈면에 3중직 면을 겹가공하여 자수 뒷면이 노출되지 않아 연약한 아이 피부에 자극을 주지 않으며, 적당한 두께와 사이즈로 속싸개부터 아기 이불, 휴대용 담요, 낮잠이불로 활용 가능합니다!

사이즈 : 85 x 135 cm


Size : 85 x 135 cm (± 5%)
Material : Cotton : 100%

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