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Magnetic Felt - Rainbow Animals: Discover a World of Colorful Friends

Magnetic Felt - Rainbow Animals: Discover a World of Colorful Friends

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Explore the Animal Kingdom with Rainbow Animals

Introduce your child to the enchanting world of animals with our Magnetic Felt - Rainbow Animals set. This delightful collection features a range of animals, each with a cute expression and designed in vibrant rainbow colors, perfect for interactive learning and bonding time with your child.

Foster Creativity and Memory

These colorful and expressive animal felt pieces are more than just playthings; they're tools for creativity and memory enhancement. Engaging with these charming animals will help your child's imagination flourish.


* Must see the Precaution Tab before making a purchase



1. Use under adult supervision
2. Do not swallow or put it in your mouth
3. Do not place near flame
4. Do not disinfect with chemicals
5. Avoid pointy objects
6. If it becomes faulty, parents should ensure that their children do not swallow any of the pieces
7. Avoid placing near credit cards or household appliances because they contain magnets
9. Suitable for 8 Years Old & Above. Children below 8 will require Adult Supervision 

  • Size: 12 to 25 cm
  • 9 Pieces
  • Material: Felt and Magnet
  • Safety: Use under adult supervision, avoid swallowing, keep away from flames and sharp objects
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