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Magnetic Felt - Double Sided Fruits: A Tactile Exploration for Kids

Magnetic Felt - Double Sided Fruits: A Tactile Exploration for Kids

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Delve into the World of Fruits with Magnetic Felt

The Magnetic Felt - Double Sided Fruits set is an exceptional learning tool that brings the world of fruits to life for young children. Each piece in this 10-piece set showcases the external and internal aspects of different fruits, sparking curiosity and cognitive development.

Multi-Sensory Learning Experience

Crafted with warm, bright colors, these felt pieces are more than just visually appealing; they're designed to engage all the senses, fostering emotional stability and enhancing cognitive abilities in children.


* Must see the Precaution Tab before making a purchase


맘스보드 펠트자석 - 속이 보이는 과일 (10pcs)

맘스보드 펠트자석 스리즈는 포근한 이미지와 알록달록 따뜻한 색감으로 아이들에게 정서적으로 안정감을 주는 동시에 호기심과 인지능력을 쑥쑥 높여주는 오감발달 자석교구입니다! 

사이즈: 12 ~ 25 cm
소재 : 펠트, 자석

* Precaution 탭을 꼭 확인 후 구입해주세요 


1. Use under adult supervision
2. Do not swallow or put it in your mouth
3. Do not place near flame
4. Do not disinfect with chemicals
5. Avoid pointy objects
6. If it becomes faulty, parents should ensure that their children do not swallow any of the pieces
7. Avoid placing near credit cards or household appliances because they contain magnets
9. Suitable for 8 Years Old & Above. Children below 8 will require Adult Supervision 

  • Size: 12 to 25 cm
  • Material: Felt and Magnet
  • Precautions: Use under adult supervision, suitable for children aged 8 and above; younger children may enjoy under close adult supervision
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