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퓨어닷 샤워기 헤드 PureDot Shower head

퓨어닷 샤워기 헤드 PureDot Shower head

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퓨어닷 샤워기 헤드 PureDot Shower head (3pcs)

아기 피부를 위한 워터필터를 연구하는 퓨어닷, 세계 아토피 협회 및 국내외 검증 기관을 통한 인증을 받았어요 ! 제로워터 필터로 불순물을, 향균볼로 세균을, 비타필터로 염소를 제거해주어요 ! 눈으로 수온도 확인이 가능해요~!



Puredot, which researches water filters for baby skin, has been certified by the World Atopy Association and domestic and international verification agencies! The zero water filter removes impurities, the antibacterial ball removes bacteria, and the vita filter removes chlorine! You can check the water temperature with your eyes!



Details can be found in the photo

1 x Shower head
1 x Zero Water Filter (already in the shower head)
1 x Vita Filter (already in the shower head)

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